Virtualization and Cloud Migrations

Cut costs and increase productivity by virtualizing your machines and migrating to the cloud.

Trapping your apps and data on one computer is the old way of doing business, so if you’re still not in the cloud, you’re likely to get left behind by the competition. Virtual desktops, servers, and cloud infrastructures allow you to access your work from anywhere, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and protecting your digital assets by storing them in fortified data centers. If you need expert assistance migrating to the cloud to get these benefits, then RPTG is the tech partner for you.

RPTG will assess your needs and budget and recommend virtualization and cloud solutions that meet your short- and long-term needs. Our cloud technicians will then swiftly implement your chosen solutions with minimal disruption to your operations so you can start cutting costs and increasing agility immediately. And with our experts monitoring and maintaining your systems, you’ll continue to benefit from cloud computing without spending excess resources.

Virtualization and Cloud Migration services from RPTG give you:
  • Digital workstations that allow you to work from anywhere on any device.
  • Virtual servers that can do more with less hardware and are easily backed up/restored.
  • Cloud infrastructure that increases workforce productivity with enhanced collaboration and agility.
  • Scalable assets that let you add or remove users with ease.
  • Greatly reduced hardware, energy, cooling, and maintenance costs.

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