Monitoring Solutions

Get complete visibility over your company’s network and systems from anywhere in the world.

For businesses with overseas operations, ensuring their website, networks, and systems are secure and functioning correctly is one of the most time-consuming tasks there is. Traditionally, businesses had to waste time and money hiring local technicians and waiting for them to report back, and local conditions could affect the reliability of the monitoring. But RPTG’s Global Monitoring Solutions offer a better way.

Our technicians will set up a custom, cloud-based Global Monitoring Solution that gives you visibility over your apps, data, IT infrastructure, and website as well as automated and detailed analytics. You’ll be able to access this information from anywhere, on any device, and can set up tailored reports and alerts via email or SMS. There is no software to install and maintain, just a powerful, agile monitoring tool that empowers you to manage and maintain your processes at a moment’s notice for increased productivity and uptime.

Global Monitoring Solutions from RPTG enable you to:
  • Remotely manage network and site operations from anywhere, anytime.
  • Remain unaffected by local or regional conditions; everything is in the cloud.
  • Reduce personnel and IT costs by unifying your network monitoring system.
  • Receive in-depth information and analytics about network use and vulnerabilities.
  • Remove the burden of time-consuming monitoring tasks to gain valuable time and productivity.

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