Managed Infrastructure Services

Boost productivity and profitability with an IT infrastructure that’s always available and efficient.

Your servers, workstations, on-site networks, and cloud setup make up your IT infrastructure, and most of your business processes rely on it to succeed. Monitoring your infrastructure for issues, performing maintenance and upgrades, and keeping your data safe from cyberattacks are all vital to maintaining continued productivity and profitability. Instead of wasting time and money managing your infrastructure internally, partner with the experts at RPTG.

We’ll ensure your business enjoys minimal downtime and tech disruptions and maximum productivity and ROI. We’ll monitor and fix network issues before they cause problems, keep your systems up to date and secure, and provide solutions to eliminate process inefficiencies. Whether you operate a single office network or globe-spanning cloud infrastructure, we’ll apply our years of extensive experience to ensure your IT always works when you need it to, for a fraction of the cost of handling it internally.

With Managed Infrastructure Services from RPTG, you’ll enjoy:
  • Fewer IT problems that interrupt your business processes.
  • Optimized IT systems that increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.
  • Regular scheduled maintenance that keeps your software and hardware error-free and up to date.
  • Predictable, subscription-based pricing that’s affordable and easy to budget around.
  • Faster, more efficient networks that increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Reduced IT responsibilities so you can spend more time on more important tasks.

Technology Planning and Budgeting

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Virtualization and Cloud Migrations

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Hardware and Software Sales

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