About Us

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Rocky Point Technology Group: Trusted nationwide for over a decade

Businesses need high productivity and minimal drains on their resources if they want to compete in the rapidly changing post pandemic economy. We provide top-tier IT solutions and services without the pain of dealing with large, unspecialized technology providers, and we do it cost-effectively than an internal IT department. With RPTG’s efficient IT infrastructures, solutions and valuable business process improvements, our clients are fully supported, satisfied, and able to quickly react to the changing economy and technical challenges they may face.

RPTG has been a virtual organization since its inception in 2010.
We are experts at remote solutions for organizations of all sizes.
Whether you need a four hundred seat virtual call center or redundant data centers we have the experience regardless of your size.


Our Philosophy

At Rocky Point Technology Group success isn’t measured in how many billable hours we log or how much money we are able to charge for our services. Our success and growth is measured by how long our clientele has been with us and their satisfaction. To accomplish this, we employ our extensive experience, proven suite of services, including proactive maintenance, fast and respectful support, reliable IT infrastructure, and productivity-boosting hardware and software solutions.